What’s a manfunnel?

Manfunnel:  (noun) The men in your life who are coming toward you in an effort to create the relationship you want on your timeline. A man is in your funnel who wants what you want, on your timeline, and wants it with YOU.

Manfunneling: (verb): The act of living the lifestyle of filling your funnel with high quality men who want what you want, on your timeline, and who want it with you. Manfunneling is a lifestyle, which can be lived with no specific end goal in site. One can live happily with their Manfunnel rather than a primary relationship but is a tool that can streamline your entire dating process to where you identify the primary relationship you want in an informed way and not from a place of lack. Manfunneling is a liason to self discovery, self reflection, and development of the avatar of your ideal partner.


The act of bringing forth the reality of your ideal partner through a combination of  manfunneling and specific practices of universal laws.

Manfunnel Flow

The state of being where a woman becomes actualized in her own self worth and begins to match the vibration of pure love. The state of being where there are high quality men showing up for her, for whom she is dating and exploring on her terms for the relationship she wants on her timeline. The state of being where there is always a another chance at love.

Exploratory phase

The ninety day period where a man is being explored prior to commiting to an exclusive relationship with him.

The Exclusivity Trap

The stagnant place of anxiety when a woman gives her exclusivity to a man before the relationship has been qualified properly. The relationship is not moving forward in the way she had hoped it would and now she is attached and stuck. She feels scared to rock to boat and simply stays in the relationship, even though she is uncertain if it’s moving in a direction which respects her time, values, standards, and supports her in the life she is seeking to create.

Lay & Pray

The state of being where a womxn jumps head first into a relationship and then finds herself hoping and wishing that things will work out on the back-end, even though she has barely qualitified said man to find out what he wants, if he wants it on her timeline and wants it with her. 


Linear Dating

The act of exploring one man at a time from start to finish before exploring alternate opportunties. What womxn will find when they explore the mathmatics of Linear dating is that they are preventing themselves from finding the person they want to share their life with in the timeline that works with their lives’ desires, dreasm and plans.

Abundance Dating

The act of exploring multiple men within a Manfunnel within an exploratory phase. Otherise known as The Manfunnel Method of dating.

Our motto is

Date at least three

Keep the focus on ME

Until I say YES to the commitment I seek

Linear vs. Abundance Model of Dating

*Months in a year:


1 – 2 -3 Finding him

4 – 5 – 6 Dating him

7 – 8 Obsessing & Breaking up

9 – Healing (Still obsessing?)

10 – 11 – Getting back out there 

12 – Finding Mr. NEXT

*Did you know the most common time for breakups to occur is between three and five months? Increase your probability of success by delaying your exclusivity to make sure the relationship is right


How many men can you get to know across one year using the Linear Model of dating?  (one maybe two)

Does this increase the likelihood that you will meet your man within a year?

Hell-to-the no!

How many men can one explore with the abundant model of dating within a year?

An average of 12!

Will this increase the likelihood you will find your man this year?

Hells yes!

Linear vs. Abundance Model of Dating

What you’re risking by orchestrating the Linear model:




Possibly even fertility

Your soulmate this year

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Manfunnel VIP Community

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The Manfunnel is a lifestyle

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