Megan Weks Speaking Events

Megan is an experienced and dynamic speaker. From live events to conferences and workshops, she speaks all over the country on a range of topics to help remarkable women to attract extraordinary love:

  • How busy women entrepreneurs can actionably approach building deeply personal relationships

  • How to use boundaries to elevate your standards within personal relationships to attract higher quality men

  • How dating can help your business relationships

  • How to use a Manfunnel to meet, attract, and marry your soulmate quickly

  • Gender dynamics within relationships – What you need to know in order to thrive with a masculine energy man in the modern environment
  • The Power of Energy – Invite feminine energy into your life in order to create your most fulfilling personal relationship

Who is ready to Master Your Manfunnel?!

What women are saying!

Kiele Jael

Kiele Jael

Health and Sensuality Coach |

Megan is motivating and extremely engaging, and she fully embodies her company, The Manfunnel. She’s incredibly intelligent, resourceful and creative with her dating tips, tricks, and curriculum, and really steps up as a knowledgeable dating guru that clearly inspires her audience and clients. It’s clear that her approach to dating changes women’s lives and helps them find the love they’re seeking! 



Top Human Design Expert

I’m in a season where doing things that I’m not naturally great at, is a way of life. Dating—WAS one of those things. Like awful at it. And not so great at relationships either… When I do hard things, I choose to hire the best to guide me and Megan Weks and her manfunnel methodology are the best.

I realized pretty quickly how uninterested I am in a relationship WITH a man and how interested I am in my relationship TO men and the masculine essence… including my own. Which is the beauty of her work, you really fucking love men after it and you REALLY love yourself.

If you’ve sworn off men, if they are “all fuck boys” and you’re tired of “doing all of the work” I’ve been there and LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING SIS, it is funnnnnnnnnn on the other side.