How would it feel to have the man you love fight to have you in your life. To have him fight for your love and loyalty, forevermore…
Does it feel like you’re the only one fighting…?

This day can end right now as we turn this all around for you.

The reason why I am so passionate about The Manfunnel® Method of dating in particular running a proper “exploratory phase” is because what angers me about dating men is the disempowerment we woman feel when we are “waiting” to see if a man is choosing us or not for his forever woman…
This is an extremely common scenario woman are facing in their lives. Many woman approach me for help when in a stagnant “relationship”.
I urge those of you who are not in commitments yet (many of you will be at this cross-road this year) to consider not becoming entirely exclusive with any one man until you know for certain that he wants what you want on your timeline…
When we take the approach of “not committing until we are sure what we are doing with this relationship” approach, it puts the magnifying glass on man whereas he is forced to figure out what he wants out of life and what he wants with you on YOUR timeline
This is an extremely powerful way to approach your dating life. One where you will need to be courageous and stand by what’s truly best for you
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All my love,
Megan Weks & The Manfunnel Team