You might not know that I spent many years in pain and even agony over men who I loved. It was more like an obsession looking back. It was clear that the man was not giving me the love I was looking for but I kept going back in hopes that this would magically change one day…
Not only that there was the fact that some of these men across the decade span I would be stuck in this pattern WERE actually seriously interested in me (at first). Meaning, therefore they COULD have been the right person. But I was absolutely doing particular things that were putting them off and changing their minds because of this FACT:  I was not a safe place where a man could let go and open his heart… I have this awareness now but I was blind to it before.
If you don’t think there are things you can do to improve yourself as a partner in a relationship and/or bond with him on a deeper level you will be missing out on the opportunity to learn something that can change your “luck” in love, forever.
If you’re not in the relationship you want to be in I urge you to remain curious… This is not the group for you if you just think you “haven’t met the right person yet.” This is the group for you if you are ready to try something new to become the best partner you can be and to look within if you’re not where you want to be. If you’re ready to learn things that help to keep your man so inspired by you and your love, this is your place.
Remain open minded and you just might find that you learn something you’ve done in relationships is something that just does not work with men. Because it’s NOT YOU. It’s certain things that work and certain things which do not work. I know this because I was actively doing the ones that don’t work for so many years! (enter cringe! 🙂 ) #truth
Just like business, tennis, painting, design, or running or anything for that matter there are tools and strategies that can take you to the next level in your ability to attract him and to keep the fire alive for the long term…. Relationships are no different. In fact learning how to communicate effectively and to understand what works with men is probably the most valuable skill you can learn in your life…
The quality of your relationship is a HUGE determinant of your happiness.
My relationship is nearly perfect right now but it wasn’t always that way…heck I couldn’t even keep a man around for most of my life. After five years of marriage we have worked to grow together and I can say that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and we are like totally crazy in love.
It doesn’t hurt that we are on a sexy vacation in Anguilla right now and slow danced to live music last night when my beautiful husband and best friend whispered, “I love your soul…”.
I’m sharing this now because one of the modules I’m teaching called “The Secret Sauce” in my upcoming crash course is a about combination of behaviors I actively work to do within my relationship on a daily basis. It’s something I absolutely did while dating Josh AND it’s something he absolutely believes in as well. Even though KNOWS I utilize these concepts they still work like a charm!
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