His words. His voice. His touch. It feels so right.  His body melts into yours like there is no end of you and no beginning of him. His touch feels as warm and right as your softest oversize sweater. A sweater you want wrapped all around your naked body.  The connection is undeniably good, should you drop your Manfunnel?

What now? You’ve met him. What would be the point of seeing other men?

Many great loves have begun with instant chemistry, zero dating game and a swirly slide right into the sack. Usually the insane chemistry of instant love translates just as well between those sheets.

I want to be clear that everyone has their own love story. Sometimes when you know you KNOW. Nothing is more beautiful!

On the other hand, what is the harm in taking your time?

To breathe, to explore, to deepen your relationship with self. To feel it out without taking the leap. When we take our time we avoid many of the common pitfalls which we could overlook initially. Before exclusivity is when we have all the leverage to define what we want without putting pressure on the other person.

What does that look like?

It might just look like not sleeping over just yet or holding off on that weekend trip together. He’ll be there. Get to know him. If he’s your soulmate you have the rest of your life to be with him. Does he want what you want? Is he right for you? Take your time and find out.

You just have a solid feeling. You know. You don’t want to take your time.

You’re intuitive. You’ve deepened your relationship with self, so you know that you’ve found an undeniable connection. It feels right and real.  You both want the same things out of life. You both have similar sexual needs, desires and fantasies (You discussed it!). You have similar drive and goals or at least respect and accept the other person’s wholeheartedly. You’re ready to share your shadows and accept his.

He is so open and so solid. He is there. This is it. It’s pointless to see other men.

It might be time to lose your physical Manfunnel…

A Manfunnel does not have to be a set of men.

A Manfunnel is a mindset.

When a woman has tapped into that Manfunnel Mindset, she knows her value and it’s easily translated to others. She knows love is inevitable because she not only believes in herself, but she believes in LOVE. For this woman, her love will fall out of the sky over and over again.

The more clear she is with her intention, by first realizing it and then sharing it with the world with light and love, the higher probability that love will happen for her whenever she is ready for it.

So, what is a Manfunnel?

It’s a tool which helps us enjoy the process of finding our one. It’s way to streamline the entire dating process to explore options. It’s a way to increase your confidence, your joy, your fun and decrease your scarcity and your attachment. It’s an inner knowing that there is always another chance at love. It inspires us to expect the best and to get the best. It’s a way of life.

Enjoy your new love.

Enjoy your man.

The Manfunnel will always be there for you if needed. Just knowing it’s stored away deep in your back pocket can be enough.

Are you fit for love?

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Are you fit for love quiz the manfunnel

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