If you have stopped dating altogether then please continue to read on. After a certain amount of time when dating and relationships seem to not be working out, we start to change our values. We start becoming hardened and feeling out of touch with the desire to date or be with a partner. It doesn’t seem like reality for us, so we learn to live without it.

And then every once in a while, we might be traveling or see a romantic destination we would love to share with someone, or even show up at a funeral/wedding with nobody by our side, we remember the desire. The desire to have a man to rub our shoulders when we are feeling stressed, to take some of the nagging household tasks away, and to snuggle up with on the couch with at night, every night.

Or just having a man to be with us. To support us. To grow with us. To love us.

The thing is that the dream of having this partner does not have to be a dream. What I want you to know is that there is a systematic and quantifiable approach to dating and forming a relationship with a man which will increase your chances of finding him in 2018 by 36 times.

Not only finding him, but creating the kind of emotionally powerful connected bond, which you see others somehow have effortlessly. The kind of love which for some reason might seem elusive to you because it has not gone that way for you in the past.

I want you to know that it’s NOT YOU.

It’s not you or your personality or your body or your face or your perceived baggage. It’s NOT YOU. You my dear are a beautiful and magical woman who is perfectly capable of creating that strong and emotional bond with a partner just as you are.

“So why isn’t it working out if it’s not me…?” You ask…

It’s simply a few things that you are doing and/or not doing in your relationships with men that causes them to:

  • Back away easily from a newly formed relationship, even if it was exciting initially for both of you
  • Get lazy and not feel motivated to do things with you or keep plans
  • Start to lose interest in sex
  • Not want a commitment with you
  • Not be able to communicate with you
  • Become disinterested if you don’t have sex
  • Be overly sexual with you in the first place
  • Mistreat you
  • Not value you
  • See other women behind your back
  • Not notice you
  • Not ask you out
  • Get really chatty online but never try to meet you
  • Create a date and not follow through
  • Take from you and not give in return

However, when we identify the things we do or the things we are not doing which are attracting the wrong type of men and the wrong type of relationships, we can start to combat all of this with new behaviors, especially new beliefs, which are the catalyst for lasting behavioral change. My strength is being able to feel into what a man feels through our interactions with them and to be able to enlighten women on how men view us.

Why should we have to change?

You do not have to change one bit. It’s merely things we do that will improve and give us better results. The other option is to continue doing things the way you have always done. Will the results change if we are operating under the same set of beliefs, mindsets, and behaviors that have so far not worked with men…? Probably not.

The magic is that I’m able to show you how to inspire a man by understanding his primal urges and instincts to claim you. I follow that up with knowledge of how to keep the spark for the long run within your new relationship. When you have this information in your toolbox, dating and relationships become an entirely new ball game. One that you understand. One that you enjoy. One that you win…

One where you have an incredibly attractive, kind, loving, adoring, man by your side. One who holds your hand while walking down the street. One who is next to you in bed every single night. One who is just yours and there is no question about it. It’s solid. It’s unbreakable.

I’ve studied men for years and now I am excited to have the opportunity to give you the “edge” I created for myself by knowing this information.

How would it feel to have control over your relationships with men?

How would it feel secure your very own masculine man who honors and adores you and does romantic things for you?

How would it feel to have a man who works to please you and to move the relationship forward with you ?

How would it feel to have a man who wants to be with you and only you, period?

Becoming hardened and feeling out of touch with the desire to date

Taking a break and putting your life on hold is ok. Sometimes it’s good to take a break to heal and refresh. During your break it’s an ideal time to step into an opportunity where you can walk away with new incredibly powerful and enlightening skills to grow your entire core confidence, increase your vibration to embody and attract the love you desire, and to finally understand what men want from a woman and how to maintain the spark within a relationship, for the long run. This way, when you do decide to get back out there, you will do so with the best chances for success.

So, if you’re becoming hardened and feeling out of touch with the desire to date and would like to learn more about the upcoming opportunity to gain the skills with me, then click below to be part of my Master Your Manfunnel Boot Camp.

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