You may want to read this first. Do you understand the risks of being a girlfriend ? When you’re a girlfriend you put yourself in the position to get all your needs met by one person. So again, do you really want a boyfriend ?

Megan Weks New York City Dating Coach Asks So you want a boyfriend

Maybe that sounds all good and great and all until guess what ?

You’re not getting your needs met. Then you feel awful. Next anxiety stricken. Then stuck.

And then you feel lost !

But you’re really angry and sad.

But Megan, you ask…. I don’t understand ?

Isn’t it THE GOAL to have a boyfriend ?

The answer is that at some point the relationship gets to exclusivity, but this should not occur until the needs are being met by the person. In other words, don’t be his one and only until you’re feeling safe, happy, cared for, loved, appreciated, communicated with and any other things that are part of your basic or semi-basic needs, standards, constructs, or definitions of the SOLID relationship in which you desire.

AKA: Don’t sell yourself short !

Let a person show you that they are worth all of your time, energy, admiration, mindshare, and commitment before diving in and hoping it works out.

There are ways to be more intentional when it comes to relationships, which can get you a higher success rate and less broken hearts.

This is definitely one of them.

Do you want to know how to do this ?

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