Are you out of options of men to date ? If having 100 dates scares you or intrigues you, I want to tell you the story of Maria, who I met over the phone just before New Year’s as I was planning the launch date for my Master Your Manfunnel Boot Camp. Before I get into her story, are you having bad luck meeting the right man ? The 2018 Master Your Manfunnel Boot Camp is back !

Now Maria’s story.

She didn’t have trust in men. She was stuck and did not know how to move forward from where she was. She did not know how to approach her dating profile and would feel frozen when she would try to write it. She was also lonely, craving closeness and companionship. However, getting from point A to point B did not seem clear.

Are you having bad luck meeting the right man the 2018 Master Your Manfunnel Boot Camp is back

Surprisingly, Maria is a therapist herself and even works to help empower women and others in their lives.

I’m telling you this because I want you to understand that even a therapist well versed in psychology and psychological practices can need help getting un-stuck ! We all sit in our blind spots. Our blind spots are things keeping us stuck but we don’t see them. We might not be aware of them. What we will know is that we are not in the place that we want to be.

Beliefs which can prevent us from getting the help which could propel us in our dating lives are things like, “I just haven’t met the right guy yet…” or “All the good men are taken” or “Men want younger women.”

One of the most notable parts of Maria’s story is that the right men were all in front of her. She actually HAD met the right men, but she had put them all into the friend zone. Before camp she was not attracted to the healthy kind of men who wanted to treat her with loving kindness. Until she went through the process and shifted toward consciously choosing what she wanted in her world and shifting deep inner beliefs which kept her stuck !

Listen to what she says, in her own words, about her experience in my Master Your Manfunnel Boot Camp:

“My name is Maria and I am a recent graduate of the Megan Weks Master Your Manfunnel Boot Camp. I’m a therapist myself, but in life we all get stuck and I knew I was not moving forward. I was feeling lost and clueless at the path to take and did not know how to find clarity or what path to take, especially meeting quality men or finding a healthy supportive relationship. I can tell you before the boot camp I was not trusting of men and was still having residual feelings from my broken heart and previous marriage. I had given so much and felt depleted. I was so scared to face the dating process. Luckily, I chose not to face it alone.”

“During camp I went from zero dates to over 100 options of dates. When I shifted into the ‘Manfunnel’ mindset, the anxiety which comes with dating for me disintegrated. It became fun, relaxed, and a beautiful learning process. I was able to utilize my own skills and teaching from my own coaching business/practice of mastering emotions and incorporate the Manfunnel model to create magic in my life.”

“I started to see the abundance of men who were around me. The Manfunnel Model helped me not only to date me but truly to deepen the relationship with myself. When I was able to sink into my value and define what it was I was wanting with clarity, I learned I was able to design the kind of men who showed up in my life. I was able to express myself in a new way around them. I was able to shift into the energy of a siren or goddess.”

“It’s been a few months since I started boot camp and now have three quality men who are interested in treating me the way I had always wanted to be treated. Before camp, I did not know how to make it happen. One of them is verbalizing taking something to the next level. A marriage proposal…”

“I want you to know that Megan is my “Shero.” This work is pure genius and it’s changing my life. Looking back, I see that if I had this knowledge I would have been able to save my marriage, however I know that an even higher quality relationship is in my future and I am so excited to see where this adventure will guide me. Overall, through the Manfunnel journey I discovered my true authentic SELF and today I embrace the QUALITY life and relationship it has blessed me with.”

“The Master Your Manfunnel amazing JOURNEY that will provide you an insight through the process of dating like never before. This journey does not have to be complicated or painful if u surrender to the PROCESS.”

Thanks Megan for being an AMAZING coach !


Are you having bad luck meeting the right man ? The 2018 Master Your Manfunnel Boot Camp is back !

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