The reason why relationships are harder for some of us rather than others boils down to mainly that some of us are naturals and others are not. So this is why relationships are hard.

Those naturals may have had better examples or just simply something about their way where they learned the acts of being less guarded, softer, or more intentional about dating at an earlier age somehow,  like very in love parents.

It does not have to take a lot of time (like a full year) to turn yourself into a natural at love…

If you know the exact milestones to cross to get to love, you can get there quickly. Just like I did. You can actually gain the knowledge you need in eight weeks .. Read on..

A natural at love is someone who can attract and keep love in her life with ease or is on that inevitable path just waiting to choose a high quality man out of those she is reviewing! What it takes to become a natural is for you to quickly be willing to look deep inside at some scary or even icky stuff, give it some acknowledgement, nurturance and to counteract it all by trying out some new cools stuff.

Sure, it can take some people longer than others but I find it’s those who resist it a bit and don’t surrender to the tools who tend to take longer to succeed. If they keep getting hung up on the ups and downs of the process instead of believing and moving forward, it can be a bumpy road ahead.

It’s my job to give you the tools to succeed and it’s your job to get out there and circulate your wonderful self until the right man sticks. He will.

With my work, it’s the exception that within six months someone is not in their dream relationship.

I can’t keep track of everyone who has now moved on with a relationship and out of my hands.There are many who turned everything around after a few intense private sessions where they met their man shortly afterward.

If you’re a former client of mine who has not reached dream relationship yet, you may be hearing from me to follow up and identify what hasn’t worked, giving you tools to self study, and even finding you men to date.

I’ve found through surveys that the past few who did not succeed have not followed through with the tools they have learned. Their heart is still guarded and they rejected the heart opening tools.

I love my clients wholeheartedly and committed to their success. I want to invite all of you to a life altering opportunity. Clients past, present, and future.

It’s time to solidify the tools WE ALL NEED to attract and especially MAINTAIN the love we want in our lives.

My signature process and systems have all been wrapped up into my incredibly powerful program, Master Your Manfunnel Boot Camp.Before the first and last camp session started, all of the women who joined were single and seeking skills to deepen their relationships.ow that we are seven weeks into it, four of the women have identified the man it seems that they will be starting relationships with this year!

The two women who were not sure of what they wanted were able to identify what they wanted and find it already! Wow. I’m so excited to see how this number will grow across six months. Two of the women were not dating at all and now have bustling Manfunnels!

What that means is that they have many dates lined up with men who are looking to explore a relationship with them.

Others are having extreme clarity and breakthroughs. Of course it can be tough out there to be dating and we have our ups and downs. It’s not unicorns and rainbows every day… It’s so powerful to hold the space for one another and support each other with our loving community. To have each other’s backs through the inevitable ups and downs.

When you’re able to set your intention with a few of the right skills to streamline the dating process, things start to just happen!

It can feel extremely magical!

I’m addicted to the process and how the women start to reach their goals in love.

It’s truly the best!

It’s my mission and duty!

Camp will re-open shortly and I want to invite action taking first respondors to join our newly forming community of sisters.

Click below to join the Master Your Manfunnel Boot Camp Spring Edition waiting list.


Everyone MUST go through the intense eight-week portion of boot camp to be considered for the community I am creating.

  • One where you have a community of experts in your back pocket at all times.
  • One where you have you have a community of women who are by your side walking the same road.
  • One where you feel confident you’ll get to your goal of love without staying down in the dumps for too long because we are there to pick one another up.

We are there. I am there.

You’ll need to go through the eight milestones of the program to join because I want us to be able to help one another in an educated way. I do not want any of us to receive information from mothers/sisters/brothers/friends who may not know how to advise you properly in these sensitive areas.

I want you to have the information within EIGHT WEEKS to change your life and the life of all of the generations following you.

There is a tremendous ripple effect that you can start today.

Our community will have live coaching calls and support, experts, and graduate sisters who will all be rising together with a common goal… to create and maintain a powerful love in our lives with the highest quality type of man.

If you are being called in any way to join us, click the link and get on the list to be the first to know about camp doors opening.

Only graduates will be invited into our ongoing community.

 To join the wait list

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I’m as real as can be and right here at your finger tips. Hit reply with any questions or to tell me about your situation to see if this community is right for you.

Hugs & love,