When I tell women to not get exclusive with a man for at least three months and to not hook up deeply or have sex, some think this is very difficult to do.

There are ways to make this easier. There are specific ways to slow things down to a pace that works for you. I will tell you why this pace will work for you…

If you are horny, get a fuck buddy.

Don’t sleep with the one you want to marry.

Hear me out here…

This few month period, which feels like it is slowing things down to a snail’s pace is actually speeding things up for you in ways you may not realize.

You are going to come across like a high value woman to him. A women who he could not simply show some quick interest in and she falls into his arms and gives up the world as she knows it because all of a sudden he has appeared.

No, this woman keeps her world in tact and lets him in every once in a while. She is busy with her work, her interests, self-care, friends, and exploring other prospects.

She does not drop all of this when a new man comes along… She slowly lets him into her world. She lets him in after she learns what his true intensions are and what he wants out of life. She lets him in after they truly get along as friends without the distractions of sex. She lets him in after she learns if he is truly a match for her or not.

If you two survive this waiting period you’ll have a much higher success ratio in your relationship and you’ll be entering a relationship with clear intentions. You’ll know that this relationship is worth your time because it’s moving in a direction that is toward your goals. You’ll have spent time learning about him and asking the right questions.

You’re not just gambling.

You’re not “Diving In.”

During this period of time, which I call the “Exploratory Stage” she gives him compliments and warmth, and some affection. Just enough to keep him yearning for more and coming back date after date.

She keeps the formalities. The formalities he wishes that other women would have kept in the past before he lost interest. Because he loves the work that he has to do to score a high value woman.

He won’t ever tell you this himself…

He doesn’t want you to jump into his arms or his bed. He wants to feel like he has a treasure. One he has to work to acquire.



A women who is authentically hard to get is a woman who is busy in said activities above and who is discriminant just enough… Not living in fear but also self respecting enough to make sure she is not wasting her precious time and years with a man who is not investing in her first.

Allow him to give his time and heart first. See if he invests in you. See if he thinks you’re worth it…

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